Acend adds Vakk and MONSTEERR to VALORANT roster

Acend has some new additions.

European organization Acend revealed two new additions to its VALORANT lineup today. 

Former Vitality player Vakaris vakk Bebravičius has joined Acend alongside former Giants player Ondřej MONSTEERR Petrů. The pair replace Vlad Kiles Shvets and former in-game leader Santeri BONECOLD Sassi on Acend. 

Kiles has been traded to Giants, the organization announced today. BONECOLD is set to join Vitality alongside Jokūbas Cender Labutis, Kamil baddyG Graniczka, Joona H1BER Parviainen, and Nathan nataNk Bocqueho, according to a report by THESPIKE.GG

Acend made these two roster changes following their early departure in the first stage of the EMEA VALORANT Champions Tour earlier this year. In Stage One, which concluded on March 27, Acend finished in fifth place out of six teams in Group B. Acend managed to defeat G2 and SuperMassive Blaze during their run but lost to Guild, Fnatic, and BBL Esports. This placement ensured that Acend failed to attend Masters in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Acend were considered the best team in the world following the conclusion of the VCT last year. At Champions, the most anticipated VALORANT event on the calendar, Acend finished in first place following an impressive 3-2 victory over Gambit in the grand final. 

Acend, alongside other top European teams, will compete against each other in the second stage of the EMEA VCT, which will begin on May 13. The groups are yet to be determined, however. The regular season is set to conclude on June 10 with the playoffs to finish on June 26. 

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