Accidental buffs for D.Va’s ultimate turns Overwatch 2 tank into season’s must-pick hero

Now this is a bug we can get behind.

Chalk up another one: D.Va’s name has been added to the long list of bugged Overwatch 2 heroes in season three, but this time it’s actually an accidental buff to her ultimate.

The mech-riding hero’s ultimate is only meant to damage enemies in the explosion’s line of sight, but this new glitch is taking away that safetyany time the powerful bug activates, the ultimate’s blast radius extends through walls and barriers too. The accidental buff is so powerful it’s singlehandedly winning D.Va players’ games right now.

The latest sighting of the glitch came on Feb. 27, with one unlucky gamer (who declared OW2 is now a “shitshow”) capturing the error. In the clip, a poor little Torbjörn is caught behind a wall and killed despite being outside the normal range of the explosion.

It’s certainly a frustrating bug for anyone coming up against D.Va in season three, but most Overwatch 2 players are claiming it doesn’t happen every time… yet.

One thing that may have caused the issue was several changes to D.Va in the recent Feb. 7 update when her mech’s base health was reduced from 350 to 200. It’s possible a nasty little issue crept into her Tokki code at the same time.

The D.VA bug is far from the only error that’s popped up in Blizzard’s hero shooter recently either, and she’s not even the only tank affected: Orisa has a bugged ultimate at the moment that ruins her javelin attacks, Roadhogs glitch is making his healing abilities obsolete if he was killed in the split-second before he used his ultimate, and Sigmas passive ability has totally disappeared in Overwatch 2 at the moment.

Unfortunately, the bugs just keep popping up in Overwatch 2 season three; hopefully, the Blizzard developers are hard at work getting them under control.

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