Accidental Arnim Zola pulls off chaotic clutch Marvel Snap play

The best scenarios happen in the most unexpected ways.

Locations in Marvel Snap can either make or break your gameplan. They play a vital role and can turn your winning strategy upside down. Although, sometimes they give you bonuses which you can take advantage of, such as the Sinister London.

In the Marvel universe, Sinister London is the kingdom created by Mister Sinister. Its design is based on how London looked during the 19th century. But in Marvel Snap, it is a location that adds a copy of the cards you play there to other locations. Most players tend to use this to add another copy of their vital cards, especially for cards that either have On Reveal or Ongoing abilities.

But what Reddit user M4TTRICK posted is a different story, still with a happy ending. A screen recording of the users final turn play showed that Arnim Zola was accidentally played in Sinister London. Arnim Zola is a six-cost, zero-Power card that destroys a random card in the location where you played it but eventually adds a copy of the destroyed card to each of the other locations. Arnim Zola being played in Sinister London caused multiple card destructions and summons at once, which M4TTRICK did not expect at all. But it paved the way for an accidental masterpiece.

Arnim Zolas ability was triggered first, targeting the users Hazmat on Sinister London. This added two Hazmats on the other locations, namely Murderworld and Orchis Forge. All cards lost three Power in the process, since a copy of Wong is in Murderworld (triggering one of the Hazmats On Reveal ability twice). The Wong clone is already in Sinister London caused Arnim Zola to destroy another card in that location. Luckily, RNG favored M4TTRICKs side and targeted Black Panther.

The already 13-Power Black Panther got destroyed and copies of it were added in Murderworld and Orchis Forge. The clone added to Murderworld made Black Panthers total Power to 52 thanks to the copy of Wong placed there. The Orchis Forge Black Panther clone, on the other hand, became a 26-Power monster. This already made M4TTRICK win two locations, but the fun didn’t stop there.

The Arnim Zola clone created from Sinister London was placed in Murderworld. This triggered the Arnim Zola effect once again, targeting Wong and the 52-Power Black Panther clone. Both targets were placed in Sinister London. And with two Wongs placed there, Black Panthers Power rose to a staggering 832.

This accidental masterpiece shows RNG can really make or break a game. And while it was great fun for us to watch, it wasn’t for M4TTRICK’s opponent, who used the Deadpool emote to show how shocked and hurt they were by the sudden turning of the tide.

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