Aaron wins Panda Cup: Almost Pro at PAX West 2022 Arena without dropping a single set

Moist bois sweeped everyone and made top three.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Aaron has been a top player whos always been underrated. But, PAX West 2022 has finally shown us what Aaron looks like when his flashes of brilliance turn into games of just master-class Diddy Kong.

Aaron went with his trusty main, Diddy Kong, at PAX and obliterated the competition with wins over Light, WaDi, and two over Kola; once in winners finals and the other in the grand finals. 

Aarons play with Diddy Kongs banana peel was immaculate with even the commentators suggesting this might be a renaissance for Aarona claim that can be seen in his performance: he didnt drop a single set.

On the other hand, Light failed to find his mojo and didnt have many good games. The Smash star took his frustration on Twitter, where he suggested hes been having misinputs a lot and nerves taking over while on the stage. 

He claimed third place right under Kola and Aaron.

Kola, apparently, wasnt even seeded in the top three of Almost Pro and was even seeded below Larry, which is puzzling as Kola has been putting out results, unlike Larry who hasnt been appearing in the top 8s lately.

Another person that suffered bad seeding recently was Aaron, but not in this tournament. He was always seeded badly and has always outperformed his seed but, much to his bewilderment, he is still being seeded low whenever he comes and plays at events. It has even become a running meme in his community.

Its always great to see Aaron, Kola, and Light showing up in the top 8 of events and this event just shows how explosive the Smash Ultimate roster of Moist Esports really is. 

Kola and Light have always performed well, but this is the first time Aaron finally had the spotlight on him. Because of that, he qualifies for the Panda Cup Finale as an aftermath of winning this tournament.

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