A weird Fortnite error is blocking players with certain names and it may be Amazon’s fault

This one's quite the doozy.

Although there are no perfect games where everything runs smoothly, and errors are just a figment of people’s nightmares, Fortnite has unlocked an interesting and weirdly specific new error, and it is lunacyliterally.

Fortnite’s latest error is excluding players with “Luna” in their names. So, if you’re “LunaLovegoodHP,” “Luna5000”, or anything in between, you may be experiencing this problem.

On the bright side, however, this error only applies to those playing on a PC and using NVIDIA GeForce Now, the cloud gaming service. So, if you can, some players have suggested switching to another platform. But this solution isn’t working for everyone.

Unfortunately, this error has been popping up since Fortnite was released on Amazon Luna, and players are speculating this might be why Luna-titled players haven’t been able to log in to their accounts. Those receiving this error have noted that a “Luna SDK” string code appears to be at the center of it all too. 

As of writing this, there has been no official statement from Epic Games on how to solve this error or if there’s anything you can do to keep your beloved username. But they’re investigating it and will hopefully have more information for players soon.

The only solution players have found that works, if you do have Luna in your name, is to change it and ensure your new username simply doesn’t include Luna.

If you are receiving this strange error, and want to continue playing Fortnite, changing your name might be your best bet right now.

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