A weighty IEM Rio CS:GO Major title contender will near Legends Stage elimination after round 2

This tournament keeps ruining community Pick'Ems.

The next wave of matchups in IEM Rio Major Legends Stage has been decided following FURIA’s win over ENCE today in the final game of the tournament’s opening round.

The second round will still consist of best-of-one matches only because there are no advancement or elimination games yet. The best match of round two will undoubtedly be reigning Major CS:GO champions FaZe Clan against Vitality, home of no one other than the superstar Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut.

FaZe lost by 16-14 to Cloud9 in the opening round even though they boasted a 13-4 lead after the second pistol round of Overpass, while Vitality lost 25-21 to Natus Vincere as a result of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev securing 41 frags throughout the match and surpassing 2,000 kills in CS:GO Majors. After FaZe and Vitality face each other, one of them will be on the brink of elimination and possibly sent home tomorrow in case they suffer another loss, and the other will recover and play an extra best-of-one match tomorrow in the 1-1 pool.

In addition to this huge upcoming battle between FaZe and Vitality, the second round of IEM Rio Major Legends Stage will also bring NAVI vs. C9 in the 1-0 pool. These four are serious championship contenders and fans will get to see them facing each other before playoffs.

The second-round matchups of IEM Rio Major Legends Stage look as follows:

1-0 pool

  • 4:20pm CT: MOUZ vs. BIG
  • 5:35pm CT: NAVI vs. C9
  • 6:50pm CT: FURIA vs. Spirit
  • 8:05pm CT: Heroic vs. Fnatic

0-1 pool

  • 4:20pm CT: Liquid vs. Sprout
  • 5:35m CT: FaZe vs. Vitality
  • 6:50pm CT: ENCE vs. Bad News Eagles
  • 8:05pm CT: NiP vs. Outsiders
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