A top Warzone 2 pro says the game isn’t ‘ready’ for fast-paced Resurgence mode to make a return

Fans of the mode have been left in the cold so far.

It’s now been two months since Call of Duty: Warzone 2 launched, and the popular Resurgence mode is still nowhere to be found.

The respawn-based game mode that allows players to drop back in as long as their teammates survive a countdown was beloved by players of the original Warzone for its fast-paced combat.

And while it’s likely coming to the game eventually, possibly as soon as the upcoming season two, one pro Warzone player doesn’t think the game is ready for it.

On a recent appearance on Repullze’s livestream, top Warzone player JoeWo did not give the best vote of confidence for how Resurgence would play in Warzone 2’s current state.

“Has anything in this game ever been ready?” JoeWo said. “I don’t think it’s gonna be ready, and on top of that, unless they change a lot of the mechanics of the game, it’s not gonna play like everybody who played Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth liked.”

Resurgence was played on Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep in Warzone 1, but the mode and maps have not been available since Warzone Caldera’s servers came back online at the end of November.

“People played Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth for fast-paced, most action, quicker games,” JoeWo said. “Because right now, it’s crazy to me now in Warzone 2 compared to Warzone 1, how long one game is. Sometimes a game is 30 minutes, and some people are just trying to take a quick little Rebirth game for 15 minutes or 10 minutes. If they don’t change dramatically how the mechanics of the game are, then it’s not gonna play like people are expecting.”

Warzone 2 does play slower than Warzone 1 did, and it’s been a difficult adjustment period for some. With Resurgence likely coming to the game sooner rather than later, players will have to judge for themselves how the new game plays on the old mode.

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