A surprising pick has outdone Yasuo and Yone with the highest AFK rate of any LoL champion

"Only one of us is leavin'."

Yasuo has always been the most notorious pick in League of Legends. Many have experienced toxic players who main the champion, and if the game isn’t going their way, they eventually leave the match out of frustration. But a new contender has finally dethroned the popular swordsman with the highest AFK rate in the game.

Sett, one of the newer champions on the roster, has taken over the top AFK spot with a 1.99 percent AFK rate, according to League stats site League of Graphs. He has eclipsed Yasuo by 0.03 percent while jumping over Yone, who currently has a 1.85 percent AFK rate in all games.

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Interestingly enough, Sett’s AFK rate fluctuates based on which region he’s playing in. In North America, for example, he hasn’t even cracked the top 10 for AFK rates, but in other countries like Korea and Turkey, he is the top culprit while he sits in the top three in multiple different regions as well.

When playing Sett, users must be relatively aggressive since his abilities are all used while in the thick of the action. He can stun, punch, and slam his opponents mercilessly, but he can also be easily kited by more mobile picks with bonus movement speed or dashes. As a result, Sett must rely on his teammates to help against these champions if his crowd control is on cooldown.

It can be frustrating to play Sett into a mobile team composition, since you can never get into range for a proper engage. However, there are plenty of different ways to catch up and scale if teamfights aren’t working, whether through split pushing or getting individual picks on isolated targets.

There will always be AFK players that plague League, but hopefully, Riot Games’ punishment system can prevent them from getting into more games until they smarten up and stop leaving ongoing matches.

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