A strange bug is demoting Apex players in Season 16—and nobody knows why

Have you been demoted to Rookie? You're not alone.

In most games, a lot of time is spent grinding for achievements, new skins or gear, new areas, or levels. And when it comes to ranked matches, people spend hours honing their skills and knowledge of the game to rise a little higher in the ranks.

One game with a notoriously competitive ranking system is Apex Legends, where only 8.05 percent of people make it into Diamond, and only 0.45 percent of people make it into Master/Apex Predator. And to be at the top, you need to be dedicated, skilled, and hard-working.

However, due to a strange bug in season 16, many Apex players are being demoted to the very bottom of the ranks to Rookie.

With so much time dedicated to achieving higher ranks, its understandable that players are frustrated when they drop from Masters/Predator to the lowest tier.

And this is happening to both professional and non-professional players alike too. FURIA player, Xera, posted on Twitter, stating that it also happened to him. He was playing Apex solo queue and was reset to Rookie.

The season 16 glitch appears to place queued players into Rookie lobbies and then once the match is finished will drop them to the lowest ranks in the game.

Unfortunately, the pro player’s Apex rank was reset two more times, according to his comments on the Feb. 19 post.

Another player, Tersay, shared a screenshot of their experience on Reddit, where they lost -3,681 RP and were demoted to Rookie. 

The Rookie ranks were implemented as a way for beginners to get their feet wet in ‘casual’ Apex ranked games. So, while experienced players are being forced to climb the ranks again due to a bizarre bug, new players may not be facing new players after all. And the bug has yet to be resolved.

Respawn has yet to publicly address this ongoing Apex issue.

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