A ride to victory: Maokai attaches himself to Taliyah’s ult at Worlds 2022

That's how you hitchhike in League.

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Some interactions in League of Legends are incredibly fun to watch, and one of them just occurred during Saigon Buffalo and MAD Lions match at Worlds 2022.

In game two between the two teams, Maokai rode Taliyah’s ultimate in the upper side of Saigon Buffalo’s jungle, allowing BeanJ to eliminate Nisqy. The kill was one of many key ones in the Vietnamese side’s victory in game two of the best-of-five series.


Both players were skirmishing each other after one of the big fights in the Baron Nashor area, with MAD’s mid laner coming ahead at first glimpse. Unfortunately for the LEC representatives, Nisqy missed his second Threaded Volley, which allowed BeanJ to escape with his life. With Froggy and Taki approaching, Nisqy’s best shot at survival was to use his Weaver’s Wall to mid lane, where he could potentially run away.

Nevertheless, shortly after he started riding the stone wall, BeanJ’s Maokai attached himself to the European player with Twisted Advance. Moreover, the jungler had enough damage to finish off Nisqy, who was caught off by the play and didn’t react with time to his unexpected guest.

Maokai is one of the most popular champions at Worlds 2022, being picked 17 times so far, where 13 times he was picked for the jungle role, according to a League stat site Oracle’s Elixir.

A few minutes later, Saigon Buffalo were able to overcome MAD’s defense and close the game, equaling the series and grabbing the first victory for themselves. The winner of the BO5 will advance to the qualification match against Evil Geniuses, which will take place tomorrow.

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