A popular Warzone 2 mode is finally confirmed to be returning soon

Get your cash up.

The Call of Duty content drought is over with the launch of season two today, but there’s even more fun stuff coming down the pipeline.

At the end of season two’s lengthy patch notes, Infinity Ward confirmed that some highly sought-after modes and features will be making their way into Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 in the near future.

“Our teams are hard at work on Season 03 and beyond, and were excited to share some of the awesome new content ahead,” the developer teased, confirming multiple additions to the CoD universe.

While the biggest news is the confirmation of ranked play coming to Warzone and Gunfight coming to MW2, it was also confirmed that the popular Plunder mode will be added to the new battle royale title for the first time.

Plunder was a popular mode in the original Warzone. It’s a spin on the traditional battle royale mode where players are tasked with scrounging up as much cash as they can by killing enemies, finishing contracts, and finding loot around the map.

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In Plunder, the first team to reach a certain cash threshold is the winner. But many players enjoyed the mode for its fast-paced gameplay on the large battle royale map, making it akin to a hybrid of the BR mode and Resurgence mode.

Activision did not give a specific timetable for Plunder’s return, but the earliest it could appear is in season three, which will likely begin sometime in April.

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