A one-trick pony has over 2,400 hours played on this Overwatch 2 hero

Heroes never die.

This player loves Mercy so much that they have more than 2,400 hours played just using the hero, leaving players baffled as to how this player does it.

Mercy is a support character in Overwatch 2 that has a staff they use to heal allies or amplify their damage. The character also has a pistol they can pull out to deal damage, but as youll see, this person didnt even need it.

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A Reddit thread showcasing the Mercy player received tons of attention from other Redditors as they lay astounded by the players stats. To clarify, the one who posted the thread isnt the Mercy player, but they ran into the person in question during a match and just had to post the ridiculous stats.

One Redditor wondered how in the world did this person play Mercy without even pulling out her secondary. According to the post, the player still has zero damage dealt all the time they were playing the game. Another one was wondering what would happen if someone picked up Mercy before this player could. To which another person answered that maybe they quit when something like that happens.

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Some people are theorizing that maybe this person has another account where they play other heroes because they just cant fathom how a person can only play Mercy. An eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that this person reached Grandmaster by just supporting with no damage being dealt every game.

Reaching this kind of dedication with any character in the game is impressive, especially when youre presented with a lot of heroes during the select screen.

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