A new Warzone 2 feature has already been disabled due to an exploit

It didn't even last a week.

One of the newest features in Warzone 2, added on May 10 in the Season Three Reloaded update for Call of Duty, was already disabled today due to an exploit.

In the Season Three Reloaded update, Activision added perk packages as ground loot that can be found in the battle royale game. Players had been able to stow and swap the perk packages at will, depending on the situation, but one specific perk created an issue thanks to being highly exploitable.

“We’ve released a minor update to disable the ability to stow Perk Packs in Backpacks,” Raven Software said. “This is a temporary measure that will reduce the impact of abusing the Resupply Perk while we work on more permanent fix slated for later this week.”

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Savvy Warzone 2 players quickly found that any perk package with the Resupply perk could be swapped in and out of their backpacks to quickly get infinite lethal throwable items.

The exploit, as seen in this video by Warzone 2 streamer HusKerrs, illustrates just how easy it was for players to get infinite lethals like Drill Charges to spam at their unsuspecting opponents.

For now, the ability to stow the perk packages in backpacks are gone, but will likely be added back soon “later this week” when the permanent fix is deployed by Raven, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long for players who enjoy the new feature.

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Season three in Warzone 2 and MW2 is ongoing right now, and will end some time in the middle of June.

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