A neglected League item will receive well-needed buff in Patch 13.2

A little something for AD carries.

Despite AD carries enjoying the meta in League of Legends after the Durability Patch from May 2022, they have fallen behind the curve after Preseason 13 went live on Nov. 16 with tanks and bruisers becoming unkillable monsters. So, Riot is slowly but surely buffing AD carries back to relevance with small-scope buffs, and now buffs to one of their favorite items.

According to Spideraxe, game designer and Surrender@20 mod, Essence Reaver is getting rather intriguing buffs in Patch 13.2. First, the item will have its damage increased from 45 to 55. To justify its AD going drastically up, the price of this item will go from 2800 to 2900.

Thanks to these buffs, we might see Lucian, Sivir, and Xayah pop off once again in bot lane as dominant picks since all these AD carries enjoy Ability Haste and raw AD that comes from Essence Reaver. Other than AD carries currently rejoicing, these Essence Reaver buffs will put a smile on Gangplank and Rengar mains, since they too have been struggling to stay relevant in this tank and bruiser-dominant meta.

If you pair these Essence Reaver buffs with small-scope changes coming to the AD carry role in general, this could mean that AD carries might get more agency in the early game, allowing them to carry the games with their support easily. Still, we have yet to see how exactly will these buffs play out for AD carries.

Regardless, the buff to the Essence Reaver will most likely be good news for some of League‘s more damage-focused champions.

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