A mystery masked man at IEM Rio Major reveals himself as a CS:GO GOAT


One of Brazil’s biggest esports personalities attended the IEM Rio Major as a spectator yesterday.

During 9z and Fnatic’s game, the cameras spotted a man disguised as a Hulk from Marvel Comics in the crowd. At the end of the series, the man took off his mask to reveal himself to be none other than Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo.


Naturally, seeing FalleN in the audience with his wife led the crowd to cheer even more and gather around the “Professor.”

FalleN has been competing in Counter-Strike for 18 years, so there’s no denying that when it comes to being one of the greatest players, there are few as experienced as him. In CS:GO, he has won two Majors, including MLG Major Columbus 2016 and ESL One Cologne 2016.

During the IEM Rio Major, FalleN’s team, Imperial Esports, failed to win a single series. They ended up being eliminated in the Challengers Stage with a 0-3 scoreline. After being knocked out of the event, the 31-year-old shared some details about his retirement, claiming he aims to compete for at least one more year.

The IEM Rio Major resumes tomorrow with the Legends Stage kicking off at 9am CT.

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