A makeshift team of LCS renegades gave DRX a helping hand at Worlds 2022

They aren't exactly team McDonalds, but they're close.

This years League of Legends World Championship finals took place on Nov. 5 between T1 and DRX. Leading up to the finals, the teams needed to warm up and polish their master strategies to be in their prime for the event. Since teams cant scrim each other ahead of the finals, a makeshift team of LCS renegades jumped in and helped DRX prepare for the matchup.

David Diamond Bérubé revealed that he, Niship Dhokla Doshi, Tomio Phanlith Tomio Chan, Eugene Pobelter Park, and Noh Arrow Dong-hyeon spent every day last week scrimming against this years Worlds champions, DRX. According to Diamond, Arrow was responsible for organizing the scrims between this makeshift team and DRX.

According to a post on the League of Legends subreddit, this makeshift team went through a couple of roster changes, with Nicholas Antonio Ablazeolive Abbott and Jett Srtty Joye at times making the main roster and scrimming against the then-future Worlds champions. 

Last years champions, EDward Gaming played against a similar team of domestic pro players, team McDonalds. Team McDonalds starred Martin Wunder Nordahl Hansen, Jesper Zven Svenningsen, Mihael Mikyx Mehle, and Duncan Skeanz Marquet. Team McDonalds reportedly mopped the floor with the last years winners of the tournament, and therefore prepared EDG well for the finals.

We, unfortunately, still dont know the outcome of the matches between the LCS renegades and DRX. If we discover any relevant information, well keep you updated. Either way, the extra practice must have helped since DRX went on to beat T1 3-2.

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