‘A lot of solo queue games are decided in early game:’ Rekkles shares his tips and tricks to climbing the League ladder

If Rekkles can't help you climb, then no one can.

Climbing in solo queue, especially if you dont have a duo partner, is a time-consuming process that involves a deep understanding of the current meta, picks and counterpicks, lane matchups, and so many more intricate details that we cant even begin listing them all. With all this in mind, every tip and trick that will help you climb the incredibly tedious League of Legends rank ladder is always more than welcome, particularly if it’s coming from a pro player like Martin Rekkles Larsson.

During a recent stream, Rekkles discussed how he will once again begin his climb to reach rank one in solo queue. In the event of him climbing the ranked ladder again, Rekkles shared a couple of tips that will definitely help you reach your desired rank in the final days of the season.

The first and most important tip, according to Rekkles, is to pick one or two champions and stick to them in solo queue. It would be better if you could have two strong picks just in case the enemy either picks or bans your champion. 

When it comes to the best solo queue carries, Rekkles believes Sivir and Jhin are easily the best picks to climb. While Jhin has good synergy with almost all supports except Lulu and a dominant laning phase, Sivir can easily push waves and stay safe. 

The final thought Rekkles shared is that you should avoid dying and stick to picking dominant lane champions since: A lot of solo queue games are decided in early game, Rekkles said. 

In conclusion, pick dominant laners, do everything in your power to win your lane, and avoid dying, and youll be golden by the end of the season.

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