‘A lot’ in store for BlizzCon 2023 with more news on the way, Blizzard president says

"I can't wait," he teased.

It’s been a long, sad wait for longtime fans of BlizzCon, but there is brightness on the horizon.

Blizzard Entertainment president Mike Ybarra teased today that news about BlizzCon 2023 is coming very soon, drumming up the hype for what could be the first in-person event for the long-running convention since 2019.

BlizzCon 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but returned for an online-only “BlizzConline” event in February 2021. The event was not held at all once more in 2022.

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“Ok, ok…yes, I see all the BlizzCon questions,” Ybarra said. “Youll hear more in the next ~2 weeks. Were excited, we have a lot to show and celebrate together. I can’t wait.”

This year’s BlizzCon could be a big one. With Diablo 4’s launch coming next month, Overwatch 2 players awaiting news on the game’s single-player campaign component, and World of Warcraft likely due for some announcements, there’s plenty for gamers everywhere to look forward to. There’s always a chance for more news on games like StarCraft, Hearthstone, or even a new IP to pop up out of nowhere, too.

There should be some esports announcements to look forward to as well. At the very least, the 2023 Overwatch World Cup LAN finals will likely take place at BlizzCon as it has in the past, marking the first World Cup played in OW2.

But as always, with BlizzCon, the true joy is found in attending the event in Anaheim, California with friends, or hanging out and making new ones. Whatever announcement is impending, it will likely be a confirmation of dates for this year’s event.

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Fans of Blizzard games and gaming in general should keep their eyes peeled for more teases from Ybarra or an announcement from official Blizzard channels in the next few days.

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