A long-requested store feature could be coming to Apex Legends, leaks suggest

Players might soon have more ways to interact with each other.

A prominent Apex Legends dataminer has unearthed information that points to a gifting system arriving in the game at some point in the future.

Dataminer KralRindo shared images of new icons buried in code from Apex‘s Beast of Prey update. One looks like a shorter death box with the Apex logo on the front and confetti spilling out of the top, while another seems to signify a missing box or gift. Alongside the icons, several new “strings” were added that appear to point toward players being able to buy items or cosmetics and send them to other players. A string is a small piece of programming that holds text characters: words, numbers, phrases, and so on.

Being able to gift items to other players is a feature the Apex community has been requesting for a long time. Some players have been asking for a trade feature where they can trade skins and other cosmetics to get items that they may have missed in the past, but KralRindo noted in the comments on their tweet that the information they found points toward a gifting service rather than a trading service.

Respawn has not commented on the information or revealed anything publicly that points to a gifting feature coming in the future.

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With the end of the year coming up, the datamined strings and icons could mean something entirely different in the context of holiday gift-giving. With Apex‘s Halloween Fight or Fright event just winding up next week and season 15 quickly approaching, it will likely be a while before players hear any official word on a potential gifting feature.

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