A game-breaking Aurelion Sol bug is wiping out entire LoL teams in solo queue

"I shall be the last thing you see. Lucky you."

The stars are aligning, but Summoner’s Rift is on fire after Riot Games released Aurelion Sol’s new comprehensive gameplay update in League of Legends.

Runeterra’s favorite space dragon has been the flavor of the month for many mid laners around the world, but now, he is the bane of people’s existence due to a bug that can burn players back to a gray screenbut only if he’s facing off against a specific champion.

Many players have discovered a glitch that only occurs if Aurelion Sol places his Singularity on the map and is subsequently sent to the Death Realm by Mordekaiser. If any opposing players are caught in the Singularity’s area of effect, then they are probably sentenced to an early trip back to the shop.

This is because once Aurelion Sol’s E ability times out, the ability glitches because of Mordekaiser’s Realm of Death, causing any players hit by the pull to continuously suffer the burn damage that they’d normally take from Singularity if it was still active on the map. The debuff doesn’t disappear, and they’ll slowly burn to death from a phantom ability.

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There is no way to combat this effect until you accept your fate and let your champion die, where the burn finally ends. As a whole, however, players shouldn’t pick Mordekaiser against Aurelion Sol, or if they do, they shouldn’t try to use their ultimate ability against him right now. The margin for error is far too great, and in a late-game situation, this glitch could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Last week, Riot disabled Aurelion Sol due to in-game issues, but it’s clear that the devs still have plenty of work to do to avoid any other problems in the future. At time of writing, the developers have yet to release a hotfix to rectify this bug.

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