A full year in advance, Riot promises champion-led cinematic for 2024 League season start

After this year's season start cinematic debacle, Riot is already promising that next year will be better.

Riot Games has promised a champion-led cinematic for the start of the 2024 League of Legends ranked season. The announcement came earlier today when League producers Jeremy Brightmoon Lee and Andrei Meddler Van Roon issued a nearly eight-minute-long update to the League community regarding what the team is currently working on. 

Its kind of all coming to a head now, because season start is supposed to be this hype, epic, exciting moment that were all looking forward to, and frankly, we missed your expectations there, Lee told League fans in the video update. 

Riot making this promise a whole year in advance is telling, especially considering that the company failed to deliver on expectations for this years cinematic.

Following the release of the 2023 season start video, League fans were disappointed that the Brink of Infinity cinematic did not feature any epic moments or champion-centric set pieces that were the focal point of cinematics like 2020s “Warriors” or 2022s “The Call.” The day the 2023 cinematic was released, the official League Twitter account apologized to fans for failing to meet the standard of quality set in years past. 

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We know the cinematic is a key part of season start that a lot of you look forward to, Van Roon said in todays update. We fully planned to have a cinematic like wed done in previous years for this years season start with the champion-focused, big, epic moments. We had the budget for that, we had the right team on that, but we failed to deliver.

Van Roon promised that the team would create the type of cinematic that fans have come to expect from Riot in 2024, and that the team should have been more communicative in its intentions and status moving into the start of the 2023 season. 

A big part of communication, though, of course, is listening, Lee said. So we want you to know that we are listening to you, and we are grateful that youre so passionate about League and making sure that we know what you want in terms of making League of Legends the best game it can be. 

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