A friend of Reyna? Riot to reveal next VALORANT agent this weekend

Let's see what's in store.

The latest addition to the VALORANT roster is set to be showcased this weekend at VCT LOCK//IN, Riot Games announced today.

At the tournament, which invited all 30 partnered teams alongside two Chinese teams to compete in São Paulo, Brazil, the new agent will be revealed for the first time prior to the grand finals. 

The grand finals are set to begin on March 4 and fans can get a glimpse of the new agent at around 11am CT. 

While we dont know much about Agent 22, we got a brief teaser of the new kid on the block on Feb. 20. Two other agents are set to be released later this year, too. 

Another teaser for Agent 22 was posted earlier today, showcasing a text message conversation between Brimstone, Sage, Jett, Reyna, and Neon that seemingly pertains to VALORANT’s next character. Reyna, in particular, seems to be asked about Agent 22 and says “I trust him,” which could signify that the two have some sort of connection.

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The fun doesnt stop with the Agent 22 reveal, however. Both Tarik and FRTTT, two popular VALORANT streamers, will compete in a showmatch on March 4 with the agent enabled. Both streamers will play against each other using the new agent. 

The teams are yet to be announced for the showmatch, but we can expect to see some familiar faces, including content creators and professional players alike. 

The reveal of the new VALORANT agent and the showmatch will precede the grand finals of VCT LOCK//IN. Two teams will battle it out to earn their region an extra slot at VCT Masters later in the year. 

There are four teams remaining in the LOCK//IN tournament at time of writing. Fnatic are set to face off against Natus Vincere while LOUD will play DRX later this week to finalize the grand finals matchup. 

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