A forgotten WoW trading card mount is available again, but only to a select few players

WoW TCG mounts are finally making a comeback through a promotion.

Blizzard Entertainment has re-upped its relationship with Prime Gaming, and the first reward that players can earn by linking their Blizzard account to their Prime account is a classic mount that hasnt been readily available in World of Warcraft for nearly two decades. 

From now until the end of April, WoW players who link their account to Prime Gaming will be able to claim the Big Battle Bear, a mount that had previously been one of the most elusive and hard-to-get in the games history. 

Previously, the Big Battle Bear had only been available to players by getting a physical copy of the Big Battle Bear card from the WoW TCG. Each copy of the card had a code for an in-game version of the mount that could be redeemed to get the mount for yourself. Since there are so few copies of the card in circulation, remaining codes for the Big Battle Bear (or any WoW trading card mount) go for exorbitantly high prices online. 

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Now, however, WoW players can get the mount by linking their account to Prime Gaming and claiming it in the mounts menu in-game. To claim the Big Battle Bear, head to the Prime Gaming rewards page and navigate to the WoW section. If you haven’t linked your accounts already, be sure to do so before claiming the Big Battle Bear. Once youve claimed the mount, log into WoW and open the mounts menu (default keybind Shift-P), where the Big Battle Bear will be waiting for you. 

Its unknown at this time what future Prime Gaming rewards may be, although more rare TCG mounts would be a welcome reward for almost all players and mount collectors

The Big Battle Bear is currently available to all Prime Gaming members through April 27. 

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