A few hours in and Gekko already has a higher win rate than these agents in VALORANT

Starting off strong.

The newest agent in VALORANT has some pretty cool critters by his sideand theyre wreaking havoc in ranked play. 

The initiator Gekko, who was added to the game yesterday, has slowly begun to rise in popularity as players get used to his kit. In terms of his win rate, hes already ahead of three agents in VALORANT

Gekko has a 48 percent win rate, according to early data collected by stats site dak.gg. The win rate is pretty impressive considering the percentage typically increases once players get a hang of the agent. 

Duelists Neon and Yoru are beneath Gekko while KAY/O has the lowest win rate at the time of publication. Neon has a 47.4 percent pick rate while KAY/O scraped a 47.0 win rate. 

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Gekko has a higher average combat score than other agents, even some in the same class. He boasts 196 ACS while Viper and Fade equal the total. Cypher, Skye, Harbor, and Sage have a lower ACS than Gekko. 

Considering Gekkos kit is fairly simple, it could explain the data. He has a molly called Mosh Pit which is a wide-radius grenade that packs a punch. His Wingman ability, while it acts as a stun, can also plant or defuse the spike for Gekko. His signature ability Dizzy acts as a standard flash that blinds enemies in close proximity. 

As Gekkos play rate continues to increase, his win rate will surely change. 

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