A classic CS:GO map was picked just 2 times during the Legends Stage of CS:GO Rio Major

It was almost nowhere to be seen.

Every map was played at least five times during the Legends Staff of the IEM CS:GO Rio Majorexcept one.

One of the most classic Counter-Strike maps in history, Dust 2, was played just twice during this stage of the tournament. It was played during Spirit’s loss to Outsiders and in Natus Vincere’s victory against BIG. It’s the least played map in the second stage of the Brazilian Major, according to HLTV.

Another classic map, on the other hand, was played the most during the Legends Stage. Competitors loaded onto Mirage 13 times overall, three more than the second most-played map, Vertigo. Ancient and Nuke were played seven times each, with Inferno and Overpass following with six and five games, respectively.

Dust 2 was reworked in October 2017 and has been in the active map pool since. It’s unlikely that we’ll see any changes to it in the near future. Fans have been asking Valve to remake Mirage, however, which is the only map left in the active map pool that hasn’t seen a major rework since the game’s release.

In the Challengers Stage of the tournament, players competed on Dust 2 six times, according to HLTV.

Three of the four teams (NAVI, Spirit, and Outsiders) who played Dust2 are through to the Champions Stage, so it’s possible that the map will appear more frequently in the coming days, The playoffs are set to begin on Thursday, Nov. 10, with Outsiders taking on Fnatic and MOUZ playing Cloud9 in the first two quarterfinals.

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