A casual fan’s guide on who to root for at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship

We've got teams for every occasion.

Sometimes, the competitive League of Legends scene can be hard to keep up with. Even as a die-hard fan of the esport, there are so many different organizations and players across the world with top teams battling tooth-and-nail for recognition and glory. Frankly, it can get pretty overwhelming, especially when you’re just getting into the swing of things as a new spectator.

If you’ve chosen to become a fan of League esports now, then you’ve chosen one hell of a time to suit up. The 2022 World Championship is right around the corner, and for newcomers looking to dip their toes into the action, they’ll find that this tournament can throw them right into the deep end.

But don’t worry, this article can be a lifesaver so you can stay afloat and find the one squad you’d like to support during their road to gold. There are 24 teams from around the globe that are headed to North America for one of the biggest esports events of the year, and they all have their own stories to tell and aspirations to follow.

From the sandy shores of Brazil to the sparkling seas of South Korea, there are many championship-winning rosters to choose from. Take your pick, find your seat, and buckle up for one of the most exciting months in esports.

If you like chanting “USA, USA, USA” at sporting events, then root for Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses win LCS 2022 Spring title at NRG Stadium in Houston.Photo via ESPAT Media for Riot Games

“I can do this all day.”

These words came from an iconic pop culture hero who happens to come from the United States of America. And like Captain America, these same words also echo the sentiments of every North American League fan. They might not want to admit it, but they will never stop believing in their hometown champions thanks to their ironclad resilience and a good amount of hopium to boot.

Although the LCS has yet to find consistent success at Worlds, you can’t help but cheer for them when they take the stage. Out of the 15 players representing the region, only four of them were born in North America, and three of those four players play for Evil Geniuses: Danny hails from Hawaii, and both Jojopyun and Vulcan are from Canada.

They’re extremely talented, unapologetically confident, and are the face of the rising youth movement that has broken through the monotonous cycle of imports and veterans that used to bog down the region. If there’s any team that can represent the new age of NA, these young stars deserve a fresh new perspective and a whole new slate of support.

If you’re an unabashed bandwagoner looking for a tournament favorite, root for Gen.G

Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G are the easy choice when looking for the big scary juggernaut of the event. The team swept through the LCK with ease, only dropping two games throughout the entire 2022 Summer Split on the way to the organization’s first regional championship.

They have a three-headed monster at the helm of their attack, with mid lane phenom Chovy flanked by iconic Korean jungler Peanut, along with legendary AD carry star Ruler leading the way as their late-game insurance. This team is the real deal and anything but a Worlds finals appearance should be considered a disappointment.

I get the choice. We all get the choice. Just don’t go saying you’ve been supporting Gen.G all this time when you know that you just started watching their VODs this past week, OK?

If you fall on the chaotic side of the alignment system, then root for JD Gaming

Are you looking for a team that will not only beat the breaks off of their opponents but also do it with Heath Ledger’s Joker-type energy? Search no further than the LPL’s defending champion, JD Gaming. Not only does this team play at 100 miles an hour, but they do it with frightening mechanical prowess and without hesitation.

It’s that team-wide confidence that will overwhelm any lesser opponent with ease and what should strike fear into the hearts of anyone on the other side of the Rift. It helps that they have one of the strongest top-jungle combos in the world, but according to Oracle’s Elixir, this roster has an eye-watering 710 collective team kills through 42 regular season games and a blistering 0.93 average combined kills per minute.

In classic LPL fashion, this Chinese powerhouse guarantees a bloody affair no matter who they’re facing and should be a perfect choice for any fans looking to cackle with glee as the spells fly.

If you like rooting for the underdogs, then root for GAM Esports

Photo via Riot Games

For the first time in a couple of years, League fans will get to see a Vietnamese team compete on Summoner’s Rift at a World Championship. Although there are plenty of different major region representatives that you could put your trust in, the VCS is exciting to watch and won’t bow down to any opponent.

They aren’t the biggest favorites to win the whole tournament, but you can bet that after multiple years away from the most important event in their careers, they’ll be coming out swinging with all their might. GAM might not be the cleanest team at the event, but they’ll keep every game exciting with a one-kill-per-minute average during this past summer, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

With popular jungler Levi returning to lead his squad, GAM can be a hidden gem where you can gloat to your friends if they perform well through groups.

If you like trash talkers and passionate players, root for LOUD or Cloud9

ImagePhoto via Riot Games

In today’s League scene, not many people like to trash talk. But sometimes, that spark is the only thing needed to ignite a raging competitive fever in a team and their opponents. Granted, it’s not always necessary, but that animosity can drive the fans wildplenty of them love it when people need to put their money where their mouth is, after all.

Whether they’re yelling across the stage after a game or yawning as they mention how easy a matchup will be in a post-game interview, both LOUD and Cloud9 aren’t scared to speak their mind. Their confidence is only matched by the passion they have for the game, like how Blaber cried after getting MVP chants at the 2022 LCS Summer Split finals or when Tinowns teared up when holding the CBLOL trophy.

C9 might be the stronger team of the two, but their passion for the game might be right at the same level. And if you like players who are all-in with body and soul, then these two teams might be what you’re looking for.

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