A Burger King in Puerto Rico goes all out for the launch of Modern Warfare 2

Come for a burger, leave with an exclusive skin.

Call of Duty has teamed up with Burger King locations around the world to promote Modern Warfare 2s releaseand one store in Puerto Rico has gone above and beyond. 

There are multiple food promotions tied to MW2s release, including getting in-game extras and XP bonuses for buying Little Caesers, Mountain Dew, and more. The latest promotion is with Burger King/Hungry Jacks that will allow players to buy an MW2 combo meal, which varies depending on the location, to receive an exclusive operator skin. Ordering the meal will guarantee the skin with added extras coming if someone orders the meal more than once. But this deal appears to be locked to locations outside of the U.S. despite the food chain’s popularity. Locations in Spain, France, and others have listed the combo meal but the U.S. has been seemingly left out. 

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One Reddit user by the name of Rirukoh posted a picture of a Burger King location in Caguas, Puerto Rico that shows the entire location wrapped in matte black with the Burger King logo going MW2 green. There is also a decal of the MW2 logo on the side of the building that can be seen in the picture. Furthermore, it seems like the promotion has gone a step further, adding tires and sandbags pilled up by a crate outside of the restaurant. This is a nod to the warlike environments seen within the game.

Each Burger King location has one combo meal to unlock the operator skin depending on where it is located. To ensure the location offers the combo, double-check with them ahead of time.

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