A big TFT 12.23 B-patch will drop before Riot’s holiday break

Don't get Mortdogged for the holidays.

Heading into the Riot Games holiday break, the Teamfight Tactics balance team is putting together a Set Eight 12.23 B-patch that will contain a large number of micro-adjustments, according to game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer. 

Set Eight Monster’s Attack! launched on Dec. 7, featuring new mechanics like Hero Augments in addition to champions and traits. The release was a success balance-wise, showcasing a wide variety of playable comps. Players can expect a “larger B-patch than normal with lots of micro adjustments since nothings too far off,” said Mortdog, as the team wants players to have “the best experience over the holiday break.”

Players can likely expect some form of nerf or bug fix to be applied to Viego since the four-cost champion can one-shot enemy boards with ease under the right circumstances. Champions like Zed, Zoey, Jax, Miss Fortune, Camille, and Taliyah are also on the hot seat for some small micro nerfs. 

Urgot may get some AP buffs, according to Mortdog at the TFT Set Eight Summit event, providing additional flexibility to the five-cost legendary while also giving players a chance to collect more late-game chests packed with gold and items. And players are hoping for small buffs that can get applied to champions like Samira, Yuumi, Soraka, Vi, and Vayne. 

The TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch will likely hit the live servers around 2pm CT on Dec. 13. No other updates are expected to take place until after Jan. 1, 2023, when the Riot team returns from their holiday break. 

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