9INE’s early exit from BLAST Paris Major also ends CS:GO legend’s cross-continent bike ride

Time to head home.

One of the top seeds of the Legends Stage at the BLAST Paris Major has fallen apart, and their 0-3 run means a Polish CS:GO legend’s incredible fitness endeavor will end before it truly finished.

Polish CS:GO roster 9INE went 0-3 in the Legends Stage. After best-of-one losses to Team Liquid and GamerLegion followed by a decisive 0-2 loss to FaZe Clan, 9INE are out of the final Major despite finishing in first place at the RMR and qualifying directly for the Legends Stage.

One of the game’s legends in former Virtus Pro star pashaBiceps, prior to 9INE’s early exit, promised to ride his bike all the way from Poland to Paris if 9INE were able to reach the Champions Stage. But to make it to Paris in time, pasha had to begin his ride early and just hope for 9INE to finish in the top eight of the Legends Stage.

Pasha livestreamed most of what was supposed to be a 1,700-kilometer journey that began early on May 12 and posted many of his updates and stops to his Instagram story, even sharing a clip of himself watching a 9INE match on his phone while biking (not recommended by the way). He was able to make it to Berlin before the start of 9INE’s decider match versus FaZe on May 14, telling the Polish squad to “do your job.”

Sadly for Polish fans and for pasha, 9INE were not able to overcome a recent Major winner in FaZe. “Boys, now what?” pasha asked on Twitter following the result. Well, according to pasha’s Instagram story, it means turning around and going home. As translated by Dot Esports, pasha posted on his Instagram story prior to 9INE vs. FaZe that he would return to Poland if the team lost and was eliminated.

Still, biking from Poland to Berlin is no easy task, and it’s theoretically better for pasha to be closer to home than closer to Paris when 9INE were eliminated. Perhaps he’ll even beat 9INE home to Poland.

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