9 champions at Worlds 2022 still have a 100 percent win rate

Will they retain it at the end of the tournament?

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Theres only one series left before the 2022 League of Legends World Championship ends and we have some astonishing stats about champions ahead of the finals between T1 and DRX.

There are still nine champions that have a 100 percent win rate in the tournament (only considering the main event). According to stats site Games of Legends, Yuumi, Sivir, Yone, Jayce, Braum, Kindred, Karthus, Nocturne, and Rakan are all undefeated at Worlds.

Throughout the tournament, Karthus, Nocturne, and Rakan have only been played once. Everyone will remember the Karthus game played by GAM Esports jungler Levi when he handed Top Esports the crucial loss that sent them home in the group stage. As for the other two, Nocturne was played by T1s Oner in the semifinals against JD Gaming while Rogues support player Trymbi played his pocket pick Rakan once again against TES. 

Going through the order, we have Braum with two wins, played both by DRXs support BeryL, once in groups and once in the semifinals against Gen.G. Jayce and Yone are the only two top laners in this list, with respectively three and four wins on the board: all of these champions were only played by Korean players, and Zeus was the only one to win with both. 

Kindred also has four wins and no one apart from Pyosik played it during the tournament. The Korean jungler is famous for playing his comfort pick and he has had great success with it so far, currently totaling a 6.8 KDA, according to Games of Legends. Theres a high chance this pick will be present during the finals as well: well see whether Pyosik can maintain the perfect win rate.

Last but not the least, we have Sivir and Yuumi, respectively with seven and eight wins. The two have often been played together in the bottom lane: six wins came exclusively from this duo. Between the two, however, Yuumi is the real difference maker.

The magical cat is the only champion with a 100 percent win rate that also has a high pick-or-ban presence, with a total of 95 percent, and second only to Aatrox in that department. With such shocking numbers, Yuumi will be a contested pick during Worlds finals, which will take place this Saturday at 5pm CT.  

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