9 champions are currently undefeated across the major regions

There are some unexpected names.

We’re two months into the 2023 League of Legends competitive season, while the LEC has already crowned its own champion in the first-ever Winter Split, the other three major regions (LCS, LCK, and LPL) are entering the second part of their respective Spring Splits.

With a total of 116 champions picked so far, there are some that have had more success compared to others. That said, there are a number of champions who haven’t lost a game yet.

According to stats site Games of Legends, nine champions still have a 100 percent win rate. Blitzcrank, Mordekaiser, Rengar, Rumble, Veigar, Sett, Singed, Skarner, and Zilean have been played and are still undefeated.

While all of these champions have quite a low pick rate and a presence rate (pick or banned) nearing zero percent, the teams were able to take advantage of these picks’ strengths in determined matches.

Among the nine champions, the most played is Rumble, which was picked a total of four times, all in the LPL. In particular, OMG’s top laner shanji played it three times, demolishing the enemy top laners with the pick. The Chinese top laner is known for having these particular picks, as he was the first to play Udyr top this season (in a game that he won).

Image via LPL

The fourth win, on the other hand, came from Rare Atom’s top laner Cube against Bilibili Gaming.

Going through the order of matches played, we have Blitzcrank, Mordekaiser, and Sett with two wins on the scoreboard. The support champion has been played once in the LPL (IG Wink) and once in the LCS (TL CoreJJ) with great success, averaging a 7.5 KDA in the two matches (according to Games of Legends).

Mordekaiser has always been a strong counter-pick in specific matchups and the LPL proved the point, picking it against Sion and Gwen. The two players that piloted Mordekaiser so far are EDward Gaming’s top laner Ale and FunPlus Phoenix’s fearness. Given the number of matches left in the LPL, we might see Mordekaiser picked again.

Sett, on the other hand, was played in the LEC by Team BDS’ top laner Adam, and in the LCK by T1’s mid laner Faker. The League GOAT played him in the series against Kwangdong Freecs, with the main goal of negating the enemy’s team engage and tanking for its team. Even though he didn’t have exceptional stats, Faker went deathless and gave Sett the first win of the season.

faker t1 lckImage via Riot Games

As for Adam, the French player had played it against Team Heretics in the last week of the regular split. Once again, Sett was picked to neutralize enemy Sejuani’s engage. It wasn’t a great game for him, having died six times, but Team BDS was still able to come out victorious.

The five remaining champions (Rengar, Skarner, Singed, Veigar, and Zilean) were all played once. All of these champions are quite unpopular in the meta.

Zilean is probably the only exception since he was banned a few times, even though seven out of the eight bans were done in the LCS (according to Games of Legends). Bjergsen holds the only victory on Zilean, having gone 4/0/12 against TSM.

Image via @Bjergsen Twitter

Singed is another pocket pick that only Korean and current KT Rolster support player Lehends plays. He pulled it out again this year in the series against DRX. It’s the only time he played it this season so far, after the six matches from 2022.

Skarner and Rengar were both played once as junglers. The Crystal Vanguard appeared once in the LPL in the series between LGD Gaming and Rare Atom, as LGD’s jungler Meteor found great success with the pick.

Rengar, on the other hand, was seen in the LCS. Blaber played in the series against TSM, ending the game with a 4/3/8 score and a fast sub-27-minute victory (according to Games of Legends).

Veigar recently received some major buffs in Patch 13.4, which is slowly pushing higher in priority among mid laners. The LPL is usually the fastest at spotting the new picks, and Veigar made its first appearance on TT’s team, played by their mid laner Ucal. Considering that the champion is strong, he is going to be the one to watch out for in the following weeks, and see whether he can maintain his perfect win rate.

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