5 of the Overwatch League’s legendary skins are leaving OW2’s in-game shop soon

Time's running out for these cosmetics.

The current selection of Overwatch League-themed legendary skins inside of Overwatch 2’s in-game shop is about to change, meaning players who want to nab them need to do so post-haste.

The OWL Twitter account posted today that five specific skins currently on offer will be leaving the store in just two days, with new skins rotating in. The tweet was accompanied by images of the skins with a “last chance” warning on them, although any further specificity was not given.

It’s likely that the skins in the tweet will rotate back into the shop at a later date and “last chance” could mean that this is the last chance to pick them up during season two.

The skins leaving the OWL vault in the shop are Zhulong Sombra, Zen-Nakji Zenyatta, Midas Roadhog, Good vs. Evil Echo, and Goat Brigitte. Each of these skins, like all of the OWL legendaries, is inspired by players or teams from the league.

Several other skins currently listed in the shop, including Thunder Doomfist, Flying Ace Winston, Royal Gladiator Mercy, and the Shanghai Summer, Dallas Summer, and Happi skins for Genji, were not mentioned in the tweet. Their fate is unclear.

The current crop of skins will be changing on Jan. 5, so players looking to grab the cosmetics in the tweet by OWL should nab them as soon as possible before being iced out from doing so for some time.

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