4 of the best NA VALORANT Challengers players are all stacked on one team

The fuse is lit.

After several weeks of VALORANT competition between the top teams in North American Challengers, four players stand out from the restand theyre all on the same team. 

The four highest-rated players from the VALORANT Challengers league in North America are all on M80, the highest-ranked team in Group B at the time of publication. The only player missing from the quartet is Johnqt, one of the flex players on the team. 

M80, who sit at 3-0 in Group B following victories against TSM, MAD Lions, and OREsports, are putting up incredible individual performances. 

Eeiu, Zander, NiSMO, and koalanoob consolidate the top four spots by overall rating, according to VLR.gg. Eeiu sits at the top of the rating board with a 1.30 and 247.4 average combat score, the fifth highest in the league. The player recently showed off exactly why he holds those lofty positions with a sterling performance against MAD Lions yesterday, averaging a 337 average combat score in the series.

Some names that are missing from the top list include the likes of Oxy and sym, the star duelist players for G2 Esports and Moist Moguls respectively. While Oxy is ranked seventh in terms of overall ranking, he has the highest average combat score of any player. 

It should come as no surprise that some of the highest-rated players in the league are on M80. The new team, which includes the former Ghost Gaming core, has dominated the Challengers league thus far. Across three best-of-three matches, M80 has only lost one map. 

M80 is set to face off against Disguised on March 8. 

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