4 of the 5 best players of VCT LOCK//IN set to clash for a spot in the grand finals

An epic match lies ahead of us.

Natus Vincere and Fnatic will face each other at the semi-final stage of VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo today to decide the last grand finalist of the $500,000 event. On top of the obvious high stakes, the fans will get to follow four of the highest-rated players of the tournament all at oncethe NAVI duo Shao and Zyppan, and Fnatic’s Derke and Leo Jannesson.

Shao is the best player at VCT LOCK//IN thus far by a considerable margin. NAVI’s main Fade pro is the highest-rated player of the tournament, having averaged a 1.45 rating after 117 rounds, according to VLR.gg. Leo, a main Sova player, is behind Shao with a 1.37 rating following 132 matches.

Zyppan is tied with Gen.G’s Lee “k1Ng” Seung-won as the third-highest-rated player of VCT LOCK//IN, but the main KAY/0 of NAVI has averaged a 1.36 rating playing way more rounds than k1Ng (117 and 46, respectively). Fnatic’s duelist Derke rounds out the top five of VCT LOCK//IN with an average 1.30 rating over 132 rounds with Raze and Jett.

In addition to Shao, Zyppan, Leo, and Derke, the Turkish star of NAVI cNed is also doing exceptionally well in the tournament, sitting in sixth in terms of rating (1.27 with Jett and Raze).

The semifinal matchup between Fnatic and NAVI to decide who’ll take LOUD on the grand finals tomorrow has everything to be one of the best matches of VALORANT esports given that several players involved are showcasing an incredible individual form in Brazil.

Should Fnatic beat NAVI and advance, there’s a chance Derke or Leo surpass Shao in terms of stats, but if NAVI can hold their own, it’s likely that Shao will be the MVP of the tournament unless aspas, the main Jett of LOUD, have a massive carry-performance in the grand finals. The Brazilian currently has a 1.18 rating over 270 matches.

NAVI and Fnatic will play later today at 11am CT to decide the last grand final spot of VCT LOCK//IN. The match will be a best-of-five series.

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