4 new adorable ‘Cats vs. Dogs’ skins are coming to LoL in celebration of April Fools’ 2023

The battle between cats and dogs is officially back on.

A set of four new April Fools Day skins is coming to League of Legends in Patch 13.7.

The skins will turn four champions who already have some sort of animalistic nature to them into cute household pets. Kindred, Kled, Nidalee, and Yuumi will all be getting adorable new skins in an upcoming patch.  

The skins are called Kitalee Nidalee, Shiba Yuumi, Kibble-Head Kled, and Woof and Lamb Kindred, and they’ll be available for purchase in the League client starting next week. 

Image via Riot Games

These four new skins being added to the game should bring back memories of some other skins that are heavily inspired by cats and dogs, such as Fuzz Fizz and Pretty Kitty Rengar. Those skins were introduced to the game in 2019, and for the first time since then, League’s “Cats vs. Dogs” skin line will receive new additions in Patch 13.7

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The four new skins being added to League come alongside an in-game celebration of April Fools Day, where Summoners Rift blind pick games are getting turned upside-down with a whole new host of silly features including additional Hexgates, stampedes of Poros, and a knife-wielding Scuttle Crab.

Kitalee Nidalee, Shiba Yuumi, Kibble-Head Kled, and Woof and Lamb Kindred will be available for the standard price point of 1,350 RP that most new skins have attached to them. 

League of Legends Patch 13.7 is scheduled to release next week on Wednesday, April 5.

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