3 powerful League champions were present in every single game at 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs

They were too strong to ignore.

The 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs concluded on Feb. 26 with G2 Esports winning the trophy against MAD Lions. In the four series that were played during the tournament, it turns out that three champions had a 100 percent presence.

Ashe, Maokai, and Elise had a 100 percent pick and ban rate throughout the playoffs, according to League of Legends stat site, Oracle’s Elixiralthough they were picked only one, three, and six times, respectively. Out of these 10 picks in total, Maokai boasted a 100 percent win rate, with Elise winning four of her games and Ashe losing her sole outing.

The fact that these champs were present in every single game at the 2023 LEC Winter Playoffs is hardly surprising, though.

Ashe’s long-ranged poke and one of the longest stuns in the game in the form of her ultimate make her one of the greatest assets a team can currently have, both in the laning phase and in late-game teamfights. In today’s meta she’s mostly picked for the support role, and if she wasn’t banned in every single game except one, European pros would most likely pick her for this position.

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Maokai and Elise, on the other hand, were two of the strongest junglers in League’s Patch 13.3. The former provided strong CC and a tanky front line, while the latter was one of the fastest jungle clearers in the game. Elise also has strong early and mid-game damage, which allows her to quickly assist her laners.

Both junglers received some changes in Patch 13.4, however, and their win rate dropped below 50 percent in Platinum+ ranks, according to U.GG. It remains to be seen whether these tweaks will also make them less present in the competitive meta.

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