3 Mythic+ dungeons will be farmable for mounts in WoW: Dragonflight season 2

The endless grind for some high-prestige mounts is just around the corner.

In season two of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the games pool of Mythic+ dungeons is being refreshed to bring eight new maps into the fold. Four of the dungeons available in season two will be from the current expansion, while the other half of the pool will be made up of dungeons from past expansions. 

Those past dungeons will also have an extra incentive for Mythic+ enthusiasts since three of themFreehold, the Underrot, and the Vortex Pinnaclewill contain mounts for players to farm. 

In Freehold, players will be able to farm Sharkbait, the personal parrot mount of Skycapn Kragg. The Underrot is home to the Underrot Crawg mount, a horrific slug-like abomination adorned with tusks and bones. Players can also farm an older mount in the Vortex Pinnacle: the Drake of the North Wind, which is a bright blue and gray drake lined with electrical scales. 

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

When a Mythic+ dungeon has a mount on its loot table, players can run these dungeons indefinitely for a chance at that mount, just as they would be able to for any other piece of loot. Mythic+ dungeons do not abide by the same lockout rules that Mythic zero dungeons do. Instead of only having one attempt at a dungeon per week like you would traditionally, you can run Mythic+ dungeons endlessly until the mount eventually drops for you. Since mount drop rates are so low, having infinite chances for them during the duration of Dragonflight season two will allow more players to pick up those mounts. 

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If youre dying to get these mounts now, you can head to any of these three dungeons and farm them under normal circumstances. Freehold and the Underrot have standard weekly lockouts, as their mounts are only currently available on Mythic difficulty, while the Vortex Pinnacle can be farmed hourly on Normal difficulty. 

That all changes though when these three dungeons become available on Mythic+ difficulty alongside the launch of WoW: Dragonflight season two later this year.

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