2022 Amsterdam TwitchCon tickets now live

It'll take place on July 16 and 17.

Twitch enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that the tickets for 2022 Amsterdam TwitchCon are now available, according to the official website.

The convention will take place on July 16 and 17 in Amsterdam, offering a place for fans to meet their favorite streamers and friends met on Twitch, as well as a large variety of events such as Twitch Rival tournaments.

The two-day ticket costs 108 ($114) and a one-day ticket costs 65 (around $68), which means you can save $22 by purchasing the two-day ticket directly instead of two one-day tickets.

To buy the tickets, you’ll have to log in to your Twitch account and enter your information. You’ll also need to authorize sharing information with the buying platform.

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Those tickets include a swag bag with goodies, a chat badge on Twitch, access to meet-and-greets, community MeetUps, and more.

Similar to the previous editions, the Affiliate and Partner Twitch streamers will get a couple of benefits when entering TwitchCon. While Affiliated accounts will only receive an exclusive gift, Partnered accounts will be able to attend a party and an “exclusive shop night,” as well as earn access to a Partner Lounge during the convention.

The fans who are waiting to get their ticket to the San Diego TwitchCon, which will take place from Oct. 6 to 8, need to wait a little more for them to become available, however. For the moment, the San Diego webpage only offers prices to book a hotel during the event.

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