2 of LoL’s most controversial champions are the most banned through League’s Patch 13.5

No one wants to see Runeterra's resident Space Dragon and Curious Cat.

Over the last few weeks, many League of Legends players have been eager to try out the newly updated versions of Aurelion Sol and Yuumi, who have quickly become two of the most talked-about champions in the game. Both the Star Forger and the Curious Cat received changes to their respective kits, and are now some of the strongest picks in solo queue.

Not everyone is happy to see their rise in pick rate, however, with Yuumi and Aurelion Sol becoming the most banned champions in the world among players in Platinum rank and above, according to League stats aggregate U.GG. Aurelion Sol currently holds a whopping 57.4 percent ban rate, while Yuumi has a 38.5 percent ban rate in their games.

Even with so many bans under their belt, they are still being picked as often as they are being removed from the pool. Aurelion Sol has the second-most games played of any mid lane champion behind Zed, while Yuumi remains as the second-most played support champion.

Image via Riot Games

Aurelion Sol’s play rate has been directly affected following his massive gameplay update, which changed his entire ability set to better reflect his theme as a great space dragon while still keeping him up-to-speed with the rest of League‘s growing champion list. His biggestand most impactfulability is his ultimate, which drops a comet onto his enemies. As he scales in power, the comet gains a larger area-of-effect, and has an aftershock that slows, damages, and reveals all enemies hit.

In late game situations, Aurelion Sol can be a teamfight destroyer since he has plenty of crowd control, decent mobility, and a game-changing ultimate that can alter the course of a skirmish with its massive damage.

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Yuumi, on the other hand, has been a bane for many players’ existence, since she has always been considered as one of the most annoying champions to deal with due to her powerful poke and consistent healing. With her new update, however, she has quickly swapped her healing for more shielding, gained significant stats with her Best Friend passive, and still brings a good amount of poke with her Prowling Projectile.

If you’ve been struggling to deal with these two champions, good news is on the horizon. Lead designer Matt Phroxzon Leung-Harrison already confirmed that Yuumi’s update is hitting harder than intended. As a result, she will be getting nerfs in Patch 13.6, along with some upcoming nerfs to Aurelion Sol as well.

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