2 of Apex Legends’ strongest characters receive some heavy nerfs for season 16

This could shift the meta quite a bit.

Two of Apex Legends’ most-picked characters are receiving some hefty nerfs in the upcoming season 16 update, named Revelry.

Several legends are due to receive some tweaks in the patch for the anniversary season, but none may be felt harder than the nerfs to two of the game’s most popular and most meta-dominant legends in Seer and Bloodhound.

The news comes from gameplay test information from content creators, including SoaR hollow, who revealed hands-on impressions of the Recon class legends, both of whom have been staples in the meta across all skill levels.

In the update, Seer’s Heartbeat Sensor will now have a charge-up time and won’t be activated instantly, according to hollow, and the legend’s passive will now be based strictly on heartbeats. Their ultimate cooldown has been increased and the duration has been reduced, too.

For Bloodhound, their ultimate “will no longer refresh or speed up Scan cooldowns,” and a new mechanic called White Ravens have been added. One White Raven will appear for Bloodhound when they trigger their ultimate, and it will point “to the general direction of the nearest enemy on the map.”

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The nerfs are pretty substantial, and likely needed, for two of the legends that have dominated the meta for some time. Judging the changes off of what we know for now, they should have an effect on pick rates in the weeks and months moving forward.

Apex’s general massive overhaul will be quite a big one for season 16, as Respawn revealed in a blog post today. The new season, Revelry, goes live next week on Feb. 14.

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