2 League champions have just celebrated their second full year without a new skin

Did Riot forget them?

Riot Games is known for neglecting champions not only when it comes to balancing and making them relevant in the current meta, but also in the skins department. According to the community-made document created to help keep track of champions always left out from the new skins section, two League of Legends champions have just celebrated their second full year without a new skin.

A previous member of 1000 Day Skin Club, Kalista has now spent 732 days without getting a new skin. The last skin Kalista was lucky enough to receive was the Marauder Kalista with Patch 11.1. Aside from that, Kalista only has four more skinsdefault Kalista, Blood Moon Kalista, Championship Kalista, and SKT T1 Kalista.

Another champion thats, together with Kalista, celebrating a two-year anniversary of not getting fresh skin is Kled. Similar to Kalista, the last skin Kled has received is Marauder Kled with Patch 11.1. Kled is a slightly newer champion and, ultimately, has even fewer skins. Aside from default skin and Marauder skin, Kled only has two more skins, with one being seasonalCount Kledula, and the other one is available to purchase for 975 RPSir Kled.

Normally, both Kled and Kalista get a new skin every two years, according to the fan-made spreadsheet. Hopefully, this means Riot will release new skins for these champions in the upcoming months. Although these champions are not that lucky when speaking of skins, they are still nowhere near Dr. Mundo and Udyr who received their last skins in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

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