2 League champions have a 100 percent presence in 2023 LCK Spring Split

They have solid win rates as well.

After the first week of the 2023 LCK Spring Split, where 24 games in total were played, two League of Legends champions boast a 100 percent pick and ban rate.

These two champions are Maokai and Ryze. The former has been picked 10 times so far, with the latter being chosen for the Rift only four times, according to a League stat site Oracle’s Elixir. As expected, Maokai has been making a presence in the jungle, while Ryze has been chosen by mid laners so far in the season.

Both champs have an impressive win rate at the same time. Maokai sits at 70 percent, while Ryze has lost only one of his four games.

Maokai was brought back to regular play in Patch 12.17 with a huge balance update. Back then, top lane, support, and jungle players toyed with him and checked his availability in their roles. Since then, the devs have tweaked him a bit more and he’s now one of the best junglers in the meta, with his win rate in the 2023 LCK Spring Split so far being proof of that.

Ryze, on the other hand, hasn’t received any major updates since Patch 12.19, when two of his abilities were strengthened. And while those weren’t significant buffs, combined with Rod of Ages, which made a return in the 2023 preseason, it seems to be enough to allow him to see much more regular pro play.

More importantly, their popularity isn’t the case only in the LCK. Both champs are also immensely popular in the 2023 LPL Spring Split, where Ryze sits on a 100 percent pick and ban rate, while Maokai only has a 79.3 percent pick and ban rate, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

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