2 dominant LoL champions featured in every LEC game last week

But they didn't get to play much.

With 13 games in the LEC last week, it was mathematically tough for a champion to feature in all of them, yet, two of them managed to do just that.

Ashe and Elise recorded a 100 percent pick and ban rate in the LEC last week. Moreover, the former was picked just once, while the latter was chosen three times in total, according to stats from the 2023 LEC Winter Groups and Playoffs at Oracle’s Elixir.

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In her sole appearance, The Frozen Archer slotted in the support role, continuing the current meta in the game. Her long-range, high-damage poke makes it incredibly tough for the enemy bottom lane to survive the laning phase, especially once Ashe’s jungler comes for a gank. She was picked by Astralis in their first win against Team BDS on Saturday.

Elise also has a lot of values that can spearhead her team into an early lead. Her jungle clear and high damage in the early game can put her lanes behind the steering wheel if she manages to land a stun with her Cocoon. Although despite being picked three times last week in the LEC, she only won one of these games, and it was in the first game of the Team BDS versus Astralis series.

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And it doesn’t look like both champions will disappear from regular play anytime soon. Ashe wasn’t mentioned at all by developers in the early patch notes for League of Legends Patch 13.4. Elise, though, will take a minor hit to one ability, and the damage of her Spiderlings will be slightly altered as well.

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