2 CS:GO maps have fallen to the wayside in BLAST World Final’s group stage

A surprising decline.

After eight series in the BLAST Premier World Final group stage, two maps still await their debut at the CS:GO tournament.

Overpass and Vertigo weren’t played at all in the first two days of the event, according to HLTV. The former was picked once as a decider in the OG versus Vitality matchup, but the series finished before it could reach that stage.

This is surprising considering the popularity of the maps in previous events. At BLAST Premier Fall Final, they were played nine times in total, while the number rose to 20 during the Legends and Champions Stages at the IEM Rio Major.

The shift in the veto process could be thanks to the recent addition of Anubis, which replaced Dust 2 in the official tournament map pool on Nov. 18. It’s the third-most-popular map played at the tournament so far alongside Nuke.

On the other hand, two of the most iconic CS:GO maps once again reign supreme at the event. Inferno has been played eight times so far, meaning it was played in every single series. Mirage follows suit with five games played.

Not all is lost for those who enjoy professional matches on Vertigo and Overpass since there are still three days left of competition. The playoffs begin today at 5:30am CT, with Team Liquid facing Natus Vincere in the first quarterfinal.

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