2 Astralis’ CS:GO players crushed competition in CCT despite early elimination

If these two perform like this and Astralis fix some issues, the Danes may become a title contender in 2023.

Two Astralis CS:GO stars blameF and dev1ce were some of the best players at CCT North Europe Series two despite losing to HEET in the quarterfinals of the $50,000 online event, according to HLTV leaderboards.

BlameF was CCT North Europe Series two’s highest-rated player. The 25-year-old averaged a 1.45 rating after two maps played versus Tricked and two maps played against HEET during the event, according to HLTV. BlameF also was the player that did the most damage per round (100.2), had the higher damage difference per round (+28.8), more opening kills (0.23), more success in opening duels (76.9 percent), and the higher impact rating (1.67), according to HLTV leaderboards for CCT North Europe Series two.

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Dev1ce, on the other hand, had a perfect return to pro play following one year on the sidelines. The star sniper was the second highest-rated player of CCT North Europe Series two, having averaged a 1.43 rating after four maps, according to HLTV. He also was the player with most kills per round (0.95).

Unfortunately for blameF and dev1ce, Astralis didn’t function well as a whole during CCT North Europe Series two. The Danes let the maps against HEET slip from their hands and the rest of the players didn’t play well in that series. Xyp9x finished with a 0.94 rating, gla1ve finished with a 0.88 rating and an -19 K/D difference, and the youngster Mikkel ‘MistR’ Thomsen finished with a 0.87 rating, according to HLTV.

Astralis will play one more online tournament until the player break. The organization will reveal the details of this event at a later date.

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