156 days and counting: Overwatch fan draws Zenyatta every day until Overwatch 2 releases

The drawing continues.

It’s no secret that the Overwatch community is anxiously awaiting the launch of Overwatch 2. After years of delays and confusion, the long-awaited sequel is finally coming on Oct. 4. Some fans have decided to show their dedication to the lore-heavy FPS game during the wait, including one Reddit user who won’t stop drawing Zenyatta until the game drops.

Reddit user ZenUntil5v5 has been sharing sketches of Zenyatta every day for the past 156 days. They have expressed that they will share a Zenyatta drawing daily until Overwatch 2 comes out.

Every sketch has been unique, usually featuring Zenyatta in a funny in-game situation or in a pop culture mashup. According to ZenUntil5v5, each sketch takes about 20 minutes to do and he usually does one a day (although he’s cheated and done multiple sketches in one day a few times).

Interestingly enough, despite drawing over 150 sketches of Zenyatta and other Overwatch characters, ZenUntil5v5 admitted that he hasn’t played the game in four months.

The Overwatch community has responded positively to the ongoing series. Some have expressed they look forward to seeing the drawings each day. It has become a ritual for some Reddit users.

“Glad youre liking it! I somehow still enjoy drawing him every day. Though most days I mildly panic when I have to think of what to draw See you tomorrow,” Zen said to one fan.

To combat the occasional artist’s block, ZenUntil5v5 will sometimes take requests from Reddit users. When asked to make Zenyatta a jedi, he drew the matchup two days later.

Is Zenyatta good in Overwatch 2?

Like most of the support heroes in Overwatch 2, Zenyatta isn’t performing up to expectations. In Overwatch 2, there is no such thing as a main tank anymore. Instead, teams are focused on aggressive plays and pushing, leaving support heroes like Zenyatta vulnerable.

Not only is Zenyatta squishy but he has no mobility options. This makes Zenyatta a very easy target for flanking DPS or very pushy teams. Zenyatta has a bigger base shield now and has a passive that knocks back enemies. But Zenyatta will most likely need some changes before the game drops in October to ensure he’s viable.

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