100 Thieves Nadeshot on The Mob: ‘Nobody was making videos’

He claims 100 Thieves and The Mob left on good terms.

Matthew Nadeshot Haag has moved to address former The Mob member and content creator Erind Froste Pukas accusations that his organization 100 Thieves took sponsorship money, did not support them, and forced them to live in unaffordable housing.

Froste took to Twitter on August 28 to talk about former creator group The Mobs departure from 100 Thieves.

The group of four internet friends signed with the org in 2019 and were released in 2021 shortly after the group disbanded. Froste claimed 100 Thieves forced them to stay in a $10,000-a-month home in Los Angeles and took 95% of the revenue from sponsorshipsall of which led to the collapse of the internet team.

The 100 Thieves CEO took to Twitch in an effort to squelch Frostes claims, stating the org had no part in choosing where The Mob lived nor took more than 35 percent of any deal revenue. Nadeshot detailed three specific deals 100 Thieves brought to The Mob, one of which carried a $200,000 pay package and saw the four members taking home a total of $120,000. He also explained the org had to pay specific people to get said deals for The Mob as well, which was where the organizations cut of the deal went.

With that very large deal I had just laid out for you guys, we had to have a talent manager over at the house, said Nadeshot.

We had to go back to the actual agency that brokered this deal with our partnership team and try to make good because they [The Mob foursome] weren’t delivering on the things that they had agreed to for this contract.

Nadeshot showed a tracker of hours streamed on Twitch for Froste specifically during the time he was with 100 Thieves. That tracker showed Froste averaged between 40 and 100 hours streamed per month, which was less than Nade himself was streaming during that time as a full-time CEO. 

It was a headache for them [the 100 Thieves content team] to deal with trying to get them [The Mob] to do things, said Nadeshot. They [the content team] would go to the content house where The Mob was living, they’d get there an hour before the shoot and the place was an absolute mess, and the production team had to clean it up. They would be there for hours and hours later than they should have been because there just wasn’t there wasn’t any accountability. Nobody was uploading, nobody was making videos.

Froste tuned in to Nadeshots stream and made several Tweets while Nadeshot was live, claiming everything Nadeshot said was a lie and that he would air out all the drama with proof so that Nadeshot “couldnt lie further.”

Yea I’m going live later tonight or tomorrow and airing everything out, said Froste.

Gonna find all the proof I have so he [Nadeshot] cant lie his ass off again.

Froste will be going live later today on his Twitch channel.

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