100 Thieves’ LCS team has only won a single game through their last 8 matches

It's been a rough season so far.

After their latest loss against Counter Logic Gaming, 100 Thieves’ star-studded League of Legends roster are in danger of falling out of the playoff picture in the 2023 LCS Spring Split with a disappointing 5-8 record.

Over the last eight games, the roster has struggled to find success in multiple situations, and has only won one match against Team Liquid. Whether they are building towards the late game with a scaling composition or trying to dominate the opening minutes of a match with an early game strategy, the Thieves have fallen so far from the expectations they were given at the start of 2023.

The team’s three veterans of Closer, Bjergsen, and Doublelift have been stumbling through the season so far as well, even though their individual stats aren’t necessarily bad. Their team play is lackadaisical at best, and they currently hold the fourth-lowest average gold difference at 15 minutes of any team in the league so far, according to League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir.

The rookies haven’t been performing too well at the same time, with Busio having the most deaths of any LCS support. Tenacity, on the other hand, is dealing the second-lowest average damage to champions per minute in his role, even though he’s piloting picks like Jax, Fiora, and K’Sante.

With only two weeks left in the 2023 Spring Split, 100 Thieves must fix their issues and find a solution to their early game problems, especially with teams like TSM and Liquid nipping at their heels for the sixth and final playoff spot. They can’t afford to lose anymore games if they want a chance at the LCS title.

Catch 100 Thieves in action as they jump into must-win games next week when the 2023 LCS Spring Split continues on Thursday, March 9.

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