100 Thieves is more than just an esports organization for Ssumday—it’s a ‘family’

The top laner feels at home in North America.

This is Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho’s fifth year as a 100 Thieves League of Legends player, but the 26-year-old continues to remain loyal to the organization, which, according to an interview with Nerd Street, has allowed him to grow as a person and a player.

Ssumday feels at home in North America, and that’s mostly thanks to 100 Thieves’ approach to competition and its healthy relationship with its players, the top laner explained.

The Korean-born player said he wanted to return to his country after his first year in NA, but 100T changed his mind. “When 100 Thieves said how much they wanted me too, I chose to stay in North America,” he said. Ssumday added he quickly felt at home in his new org and became grateful for it. “It just felt like a family and not a business.”

For Ssumday, being a part of the Los Angeles-based organization is more than just competing in the LCS. It’s also a fantastic place to develop as an individual, which he cherishes a lot. “100 Thieves is the one that has really helped me a lot both as a player and a person outside of the game. I trust them because they have taken care of me and they trust me,” Ssumday said. This gratitude makes him “want to keep repaying that to them” for as long as he can.

Ssumday has been a key part of 100T’s success in the LCS over the years, making two appearances at Worlds. He was also pivotal in 100T securing their first and only LCS title in the 2021 LCS Championship.

This year, Ssumday will continue to help his team on the international stage at Worlds 2022, which kicks off on Sept. 29.

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