100 Thieves hires Oracle’s Elixir founder Tim Sevenhuysen as director of esports analytics

An exciting step forward for the organization.

100 Thieves is taking a more analytics-driven approach to its esports future, signaled by the hiring of Tim Sevenhuysen as the director of esports analytics.

Sevenhuysen will be tasked with preparing the 100T rosters for competition “with an emphasis on player development and scouting.” This is a new role at the company that will see Sevenhuysen work across multiple titles that 100T competes in.

Sevenhuysen is well-regarded across the competitive League of Legends community as the founder and driving force behind Oracle’s Elixir, a frequently visited hub of advanced League stats and analytics. Aside from analytics for players, teams, matches, and champions, Sevenhuysen also publishes his own insight on the website via YouTube videos and podcasts.

In his own statement, Sevenhuysen promised that the site won’t be affected by his recent hiring and that he will continue to maintain the site “as a service, resource, and hub for the LoL esports community.”

The 100 Thieves League team is already in a good spot, having finished top four in the LCS in the past three splits, taking home the trophy for the 2021 LCS Summer Split, and fielding some impressive rising talent on both its 100T Academy and 100T Next rosters. The organization’s VALORANT lineup is also experiencing a return to form after its recent roster changes.

The organization’s founder and owner Nadeshot has frequently said that his biggest priority is winning trophies, namely world championships, and a more analytics-driven focus across all 100T’s esports titles could be the key to achieving that goal and establishing long-term competitive success in the scene.

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